Elegance. Class. Sophistication. Words that resonate with Pamod Nilru. As someone who sees the inimitable beauty in everything he captures, Pamod lets his perspective and creativity take over and produce photography that is second to none.

To Pamod, photography isn’t just about the subjects in capture, but it is a beautiful combination of the emotion it captures, the memory it recreates and the wonder you experience. All this through his eyes, the way he chooses to see the world. Distinct people. A roller-coaster of emotions. Miles of beautiful places. All this only excites and reminds him of the possible beauty he can capture for you.

After studying photography at the National Photography Association in 2011, he pursued his career as a photojournalist at Ceylon Today from 2012 – 2016 and covered multiple International events including CHOGM 2013 and the ICC Cricket Awards Ceremony 2013. With his love for capturing the beauty of fast paced movements and the passion in one’s eye, he covered International Cricket Matches and Rugby Matches as a Sports Photojournalist. Expanding his streams, he worked as a Freelance Photographer for the Cosmopolitan Fashion Magazine from 2016- 2019, while covering over 500 wedding ceremonies. His experience in all these various streams built up his vast knowledge on every aspect of photography. He shares his knowledge by conducting photography workshops and educating aspiring photographers.

With Fashion and Love being two of the strongest ways we express ourselves, Pamod chose to follow Fashion and Wedding Photography as his core interest. The beginning of a love story or the bold statement you make through what you wear can be captured in the most vivid ways possible. His love for capturing people in their most vulnerable and truest forms is why he now specializes in Fashion and Wedding Photography.

With Pamod’s many years in the industry, he believes he can capture the magic below the surface and bring it to life! Through his creative lens, Pamod’s passion for transforming a photograph into a surreal piece of art will always be the reason why he loves his job! His photographs express experiences in ways even words cannot.

As the owner of Pamod Randuwa Photography (Pvt) Ltd, he is determined to build more memories through his continuous dedication and his undying love for the arts.


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